Author and illustrator sign-up

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Kiwi Author Pen Pals initiative in for the third term of the 2023 school year!

We hope you’ve had a chance to review our website and see what’s expected of you. We trust you’re as passionate as we are about inspiring children and encouraging the love of literature.

We do understand that life happens and can affect our commitments. If your circumstances change at any time throughout 2023 and you can no longer commit to the minimum requirements, just let us know and we can sort out alternative arrangements for your pen pals. Email Kate at

We’re so excited to get this initiative up and running in Aotearoa and need a few details from you to do this.

Once you’ve completed and submitted the sign-up form, we will be in touch within soon to let you know what happens next.

Remember, the website states minimal requirements, but if you want to write to your class or classes more often or even do things like Zoom calls or competitions, feel free. Kiwi Author Pen Pals is about having fun and sharing the love of literacy. Thanks again!

Kiwi Author Pen Pals – Author and llustrator Sign-up Form

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